Meditative Drawing

Meditative Drawing Workshop

This workshop invites you into our mystical 'Clearing Spaces' process, including a guided meditation, creating a collaborative elemental drawing and receiving the final masterpiece to take back to your space. 

For seven years, meditative drawing has been the foundation of our art practice. Using a simple blue pen, we draw together, creating large-scale mystical landscapes. Meditative drawing, similar to doodling is quiet, and connects the body and mind. The repetitive action of the pen stroke allows us to enter into a meditative state. The blue of the pen is the colour of water and sky, representing energies of peace and relaxation. Working on a wooden canvas allows us to make pen marks along the water-like flow of the natural wood grain.

We begin the session with a guided meditation, inviting everyone to slow down and connect. Using simple blue pens, we will work together to create a mystical landscape. 

Throughout the workshop, participants will physically switch spots to allow for collaboration and appreciation of everyone’s unique mark-making. The space will be carefully designed so that people feel safe and connected, fuelling the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful conversations. The client will receive the final piece and be able to hang it in their space, with the confidence their team created it together.

This mystical and meditative drawing workshop shows how meditation can calm the mind, and allows us to be more present for ourselves and others. This type of collaboration, leads to magical connections and a take-away art piece. 

Contact us to book a workshop
Contact us to book a workshop