Meditative Wallpaper

Ecological Pre-Pasted Wallpaper / Adhesive Removable Vinyl

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Soak in the magical landscape of fluidity and form. Allow myth and illusion back into the mundane, as meditative wallpaper transforms your home. A fusion of mystical & domestic spaces. This work pushes a traditionally functional art form, into the the world of whimsy, where static forms are made into pulsating patterns. The Broadbent Sisters’ catalogue of custom meditative wallpaper prints are made up of photographs and images sourced from their various ‘Clearing Spaces’ exhibitions. The resulting patterns hold both order and chaos as images morph into one another in a hyper-stylized fluidity of form and movement. These images can be purchased as permanent & removable rolls of wallpaper.



01. The Palms 

Water Element Wallpaper. Meditate on flow and letting go. Tropical colours and textures ignite a place of fantasy and escape. Breathe into the dreamy landscape and let warm waves wash over you. What you have been seeking appears to you in an unlikely place. Be open to this new revelation. It is time to get your nails dirty and wring out past hurts that need thoughtful focus to heal. Enter the garden of clearing spaces.

02. The Pillars

Air Element Wallpaper. Meditate and let your thoughts become focused and clear. As the braided sisters transform into marble pillars, let new thoughts permeate old myths. Past influences and experiences are important to contemplate right now. Clear space in your mind and environment to figure out your next steps. It’s a creative time, let your ideas soar, but remember to stay tethered to what grounds you, as to not lose your focus.

03. The Mirage

Earth Element Wallpaper. Meditate on the breezy green palms. Ponder the stillness and harmony in nature as elements transform into mystical images. Find a lush earthy place to ground yourself, but make sure to not become too rigid in groundedness. As elements reflect and merge into mirage, allow mystery in.

04. The Clearing

Clearing Spaces Wallpaper. Meditate on the illuminated night palms. The four elements have come into balance in your life. New life stirs. New doors open. The rich darkness of night allows for transition and transformation. Uncomfort comes with change, lean into it, great things lie ahead. 

05. The Desert

Fire Element Wallpaper. Meditate on the hot desert sun and reveal your passion as you turn your face to the light. Be your own illumination, self-love is at the utmost importance, find out what feeds your soul. Plant your feet in the sands and see yourself in a new light and with reflection. The soul is motivated more by poetics than by reason.