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Art Sister Duo

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Clearing Spaces V

The Broadbent Sisters first short film reinterprets an ancient myth of a journey into the Underworld.

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"Strongly connected, their multidisciplinary and meditative approach to art creates a fresh and unique experience for the community."

Hermann & Audrey

Rose and Joy Broadbent’s process plays on the unconscious resonances in and among images, acknowledging that there's a crucial aspect of seeing that only hidden parts of our minds see—what Walter Benjamin calls the 'optical unconscious.’

2017 Burtynsky Grant Jury

 It has become a central concern in their practice to investigate and experiment with non-verbal communication and try to strengthen their muscles of intuition, and, by doing so, create work that is an example of trust and generosity. 

Tania Thompson

The Broadbent Sisters' work is playful yet substantial…their bond as sisters and artists is one that is truly sacred and divine.”

Jen McNeely

Nowhere, Now Here

Enraptured by the naturally strewn debris across the desert floor following a flash flood, the Sisters have created a series that stitches together a narrative of glowing rocks, releasing money, rising bodies, and whitening bones bleached by the desert sun.

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