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Medium: Acrylic & Aerosol on Canvas
 48” x 48”

Artist Statement:

KONTORT is proud to present MIRACLES, the new visual art series by multidisciplinary artists BROADBENT SISTERS. The strikingly seductive colours from aerosol and acrylic in the work references the rawness, rage, and immediate expression found in street art. But, in Rose and Joy’s hands, this vibration is transformed with feminine prowess into mystical spaces where landscapes morph with bodies, trees and trunks intertwine with snakes, and volcanic lava transmutes into rivers. The Sisters’ alchemy in the work emerges in their use of vibrant pinks and gold that not only express the inherent power of sisterly intuition, but also the strength and power of femininity from the Earth herself. The honest emphasis on femininity in this new era of the Divine Feminine, the BROADBENT SISTERS dramatic journeys speak to a new epoch of transparency and equality that ultimately challenge and overcome traditional gendered stereotypes by celebrating womanhood.