Nowhere, Now Here

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Medium: Archival pen, Acrylic on wood
 20” x 24”

Artist Statement:

Returning to their meditative pen drawing practice, the Broadbent Sisters have formed hypnotic images of illuminated desert ground. Enraptured by the naturally strewn debris across the desert floor following a flash flood, the Sisters have created a series that stitches together a narrative of glowing rocks, releasing money, rising bodies, and whitening bones bleached by the desert sun. The repetitive strokes of pen marking become a meditation, forming mystical landscapes and visions of abundance. This ritualized, mindful act of creation offers the viewer a more in-depth awareness of the vast wonderment of the fertile ground of the desert floor. Side by side, the Sisters symbiotically draw together, in absence of a specific trajectory, allowing the images to organically unfold. Oneness is a predominant consideration in their practice as a means to investigate and experiment with non-verbal communication. The Sisters continuously strengthen their intuitive muscles, resulting in work that exemplifies trust and connectedness.