Small Fire In The Forest II

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Medium: Archival pen, Acrylic & Spray paint on wood
 10” x 10”

Artist Statement:

Returning to their meditative pen drawing practice, the Broadbent Sisters have formed hypnotic images of illuminated volcanic ground. Enraptured by the melting solid rock melting into flowing lava and the feminine power of the volcano. The repetitive strokes of pen marking become a meditation, forming mystical landscapes and visions of abundance. This ritualized, mindful act of creation offers the viewer a more in-depth awareness of the vast wonderment of the fertile ground. Side by side, the Sisters symbiotically draw together, in absence of a specific trajectory, allowing the images to organically unfold. Oneness is a predominant consideration in their practice as a means to investigate and experiment with non-verbal communication. The Sisters continuously strengthen their intuitive muscles, resulting in work that exemplifies trust and connectedness.